The Author

Gabriel Sawma is a lawyer specializes in International Law, with emphasis on the European Union Law, the Middle East Laws, and the Islamic Shari’a Law. He is considered a distinguished authority on Islam. Professor of Islamic Sharia and Aramaic Studies. Author of A Study in the Aramaic Language of Jesus”. The Author is a lecturer on Women’s rights in the Qur’an, the Aramaic influence in the Qur’an and in Biblical Hebrew.

For speaking engagements, interviews and booksigning, please call:

Gabriel Sawma,

Email: gabrielsawma@yahoo.comĀ 
URL: http://www.syriacaramaicquran.com

The Book

Number of pages: 432
Formatting: 6×8.75
Bibliography: 254
Number of scripts and manuscripts: 15
Number of analyzed Qur’anic verses: 513
Number of analyzed chapters: 51
Research: 7 years

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