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From J-e.T, Alabama:

Dear Gabriel Sawma

I Just read your introduction to your book on your website: www.syriacaramaicquran.com, and I take heart. My mother, T. is a Moslem living in Istanbul. It is good to see that the Qur’an does state Jesus as Messiah, was written in his language of Aramaic, and was Sacrificed. I wonder if the Qur’an speaks of Christ’s Resurrection. I will bookmark this in my system, and good luck on this book, and future endeavors…










Google Groups. The Aramaic Language of the Qur’an


From M.M. San Francisco:

I find your website on the Koran and its possible Syriac, and/or Aramaic antecedents fascinating, as do a couple of my Moslem and Arabic-fluent friends.

I would appreciate being added to any mailing list(s) that you maintain, whether postal or electronic, to keep abreast of your work and research.

Be well


Middle East Information Center

I found the language aspect intriguing. The Quran was originally in Aramaic, not Arabic. So there goes the whole Quran being “unchanged, non-tampered” with theory. Infact, just like translations from Aramaic to Greek in creating the Bible, there were erroneous translations from Aramaic to Arabic for the Quran, even though the translation should have been smoother with both languages being Semitic. The whole argument Muslims bring up against Christians that the Quran is “not changed” and the Bible is, is completely destroyed and out the window. Especially since the REAL ARAMAIC BIBLE STILL EXISTS, used by Middle Eastern Christians (Assyrian Church of the East, Syrian Orthodox Church, Maronite Church, etc)

Aramaic Peshitta


Evaluation of the book by the Arab based Media

to view the reaction of the Arab based media, Click Here


Lebanese Forces. com


From R.

I was born a Sunnite Moslem (not anymore) and have always argued that the Quran contains a lot of Syriac that its actually Aramaic.

One reason: mistranslation.

Second: Arabic is actually South Arabian in South Yemen that is DISTINCT from so called “Arabic”. Even the Gassa nids Christians were Yamanites and have issues with the 7th century Moslem Armies and even till now they have their disparities. (They fought in Spain and in Lebanon and even now between borders of Saudi and Yemen).

Third: Mohammed is called Mustaribah (Arabised) by the Yamanites Joktan because he was from Abraham lineage hence his language and Quraish were actually Aramaic based.

But most Moslems will not adhere or open up their minds

This guy is close on mistranslations

Click Here

Thank you for your site and hard work


From R. M.

I would like personally to thank you for writing the book so people are aware of such things.

In some forums that I am in, your book has already created several interests, and it was through them that I heard of your book.

…I am sure even more people will be interested. I spoke to a few people in a chat room, and they were interested also.


Sudanese scholar issues a Fatwa

Aired on Al Arabiya TV, April 10, 2006. Memri TV

Hassan Al-Turabi said the following:

“Brother, our society needs to be reformed, and reform cannot emerge out of wretchedness, fear, and conservatism. What are we conserving? This backwardness? The Westerners ride our backs with their armies, with their economy, their media, and their science, and we just sit there being conservative? What are we conserving? By Allah, our faith will become stronger if we go to the countries of the West. Our faith will only grow. My faith grew stronger in Europe, in France, in Britain. My faith grew stronger, and so did my knowledge, Allah be praised.”


Freerepublic.com Click Here

The Internet website ran a Press Release on the book. The article was viewed by more than 634 visitors and received more than 41 replies.


“The Bible was inspired by God, but written by man.”

So true!

I have read so much about Koran interpretations, but never have I come across anything that explains the Koran with such authority based on breaking down the facts step by step by representing evidence directly from the book itself. Mr. Sawma does a great job on providing answers and explanations to many disputed surahs. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book.

I have a feeling that it will have great influence on reforming and reshaping Islam as we know it today. This man knows what he’s talking about! My impression is that he’s not descrediting Islam as a whole, what it sounds more like is that he’s offering evidence supporting the claims that’s presented in the Koran itself, that which gives you the idea that the prophet Mohamed’s message was intended to be the 3rd testament to the Bible and not a whole new religion.

Posted by http://myrtus.typepad.com


Koran Lost In Translation

Published online at: http://myrtus.typepad.com

Did the prophet Mohamed mean to create a new religion called Islam or did he merely try to spread and reinforce God’s message which was already delivered by Moses and Jesus before him?

I’ve been asking this question pretty much all my life and all I got was confusing answers.

Both, Moses and Jesus were Muslims according to Islam. If we go back to basics, Islam means “submission” as in submission to God. A Muslim is one who submits to the will of God.

So here’s another question I have: If Jesus was a Muslim, that’s cool, but then why can’t a Muslim be a follower of Jesus and choose to become a Christian without the fear of having to lose his head by the sword?

I have many more questions and I’ve found many answers simply by doing my own research. I found that certain things simply don’t add up or just don’t make sense at all, so I came to the conslusion that the Koran was flawed because of human error.

If you really want to get back to basics you’ll have to read what this man has to say:The Aramaic Language of the Quran. You will find that some things actually did get lost in translation somewhere down the line.

Mr. Sawma, who is a Lawyer specializing in International Law and Shariaa Law wrote a book in which he explains the reasons why certain things in the Koran don’t make sense. He says:

“The Quran states that its language is Arabic. But Arab speaking people have difficulty understanding the language of the Quran. The difficulty stems from the fact that its language was not and has never been Arabic.The language of the Quran has been and still is Aramaic.”

“The discovery of the Quranic manuscripts in Yemen in 1972, better known as the “San’a Manuscripts”, is the most important development in the study of the history of the Quran. Those manuscripts represent the earliest form of the Quranic script, which is different from the script used in modern Quran. The script of the Sana’a documents, lacks the vowel signs and the diacriticals necessary to render accurate vocalization. The process of copying modern Qur’an from the older script resulted in numerous errors.”

If you know Arabic and the content of the Koran you’ll find that Gabriel Sawma’s claims make perfect sense. When I watched The Passion of The Christ, I was surprised at how much I understood of the Aramaic that was spoken in the movie. I started thinking about that German dude who wrote a book under an alias a few years ago claiming pretty much the same things as Mr. Sawma. I remember thinking maybe he was onto something after all.

Posted by Myrtus on April 22, 2006-Religion


Posted by http://myrtus.typepad.com

Mr. Sawma just may be Islam’s Martin Luther, if we can get madrassa indoctrinated people to read something besides the Koran/Qur’an. What is another violent schism when Sunni and Shia are already trying to kill each other?

As for Simple Muslim, I am reminded from Monty Python’s Holy Grail of the Christian brothers in brown hooded robes walking around with Bibles held before them and at certain parts of the incantation whacking their foreheads with the Bible.

To be pendantic about Yeshua bin Joseph [aka Jesus], how can the Prophet be the final one when John the Baptist says he comes to prepare the way for the true Messiah which is supposed to be Christ – though the Jews are still waiting the Messiah and as John Paull II said God’s covenant with the Jews still stands. Islam is the Johnny-come-lately to monotheism market by about 700 years. It claims legitimacy and connection via Ismael to the Jewish birthright but by claiming that such as Moses and Jesus were Muslims they are at the same time trying to marginatize the true culture that created these two men and supplant it.

That is a big problem with radical Islam, it is very intolerant of anything not Islam. But is it’s Islam the true Islam? Getting back to Mr. Sawma, the answer looks to be no. Just as there is disagreement among Christian faiths on who has the real New Testament. Protestants have their own, the King James which omits the Book of Tobit while the Catholic Bible includes the Book of Tobit as canonical. The big difference between Christianity and Islam is Christianity has mostly out-grown the intolerence that lead to the Reformation, the Counter-Reformation, the Thiry Year War, and other unpleasent events in Europe.

Perhaps if enough of the Muslim faithful are secure enough in their faith, they can read Mr. Sawma’s book to gain a better appreciation of their faith without frothing at the mouth screaming fatwa of death against the poor man. We shall see.

Posted by: Anna. April 26, 2006 at 10:31 AM.

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